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Here’s how not to get sick on Thanksgiving

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PHOENIX — We can be thankful for so many things, except for being sick on Thanksgiving.

Every year, our eyes become bigger than our stomachs.

“Take some time to converse with your family in between bites, so you make sure you don’t eat too much too fast,” said Jessica Rigler, assistant director for public health preparedness at Arizona’s Dept. of Health Services.

Rigler reminds us we could get sick from overeating.

“Or for individuals who have conditions where they’re sensitive to higher fat foods or things that might cause gout or other kinds of conditions,” Rigler said.

Portions of food and politics should be moderate on Thanksgiving. Mix in salad and vegetables to counteract all of that fat and sugar.

But if you’re sick before dinner, “Maybe skip that family gathering and FaceTime with your family instead,” Rigler said.

That could help you avoid food-borne — and family-borne — illnesses.

But there are other ways to spread germs and make people sick.

“If you are prepping a turkey, and you’re cleaning it, and you’re sticking it in the roasting pan, you want to make sure you wash your hands well with soap and water before you start preparing other things, like a salad or any other ready-to-eat foods,” Rigler said.

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