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6 things you need to know about gutters and caring for them

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Many homes in Arizona are built without gutters due to the low amounts of rainfall in our state.

But the truth is you should consider adding some to your home when you don’t have them.

And if you do have gutters, you need to give them regular maintenance so that they do their job well.

1. Why you need gutters: Gutters direct water away from your house so that it won’t damage walls, windows and doors, your foundation and your landscaping. If you don’t have them, you might at least add them in one or two places where heavy rains can cause problems. For example, a flat roof that has scuppers that drain off water could easily produce minor flooding near doors or on sidewalks.

2. Clean out your gutters regularly: Check to make sure your gutters are clean and remove leaves, twigs or other debris. You’ll need a ladder, of course, a garden trowel and a trash bag to carry away debris. After cleaning, you might want to use a hose to wash out the inside of your gutters.

3. Guard your gutters: You might want to put mesh gutter guards over the openings in the gutters. However, you’ll still have to clean them out regularly.

4. Secure your gutters: If your gutters are starting to sag or get loose, you can use a cordless drill to secure the gutter with screws.

5. Seal any leaks: If joints and seams in your gutters are leaking, check joints and seams for leaks, clean the area thoroughly and apply silicon caulk to seal problem areas. Repainting might also be required.

6. Divert the water: Make sure water coming out of downspouts is diverted away from your home using splash blocks or a downspout extension.

Remember clogged or leaking gutters can often lead to rotten fascia boards and peeling paint.

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