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Politically correct

(KTAR News/Mike O'Neil)

The words “politically correct” have become fighting words.

“Political correctness” originally represented simple human courtesy: Avoid gratuitously offending other people, call them by the names they prefer and generally maintain sensitivity to other people’s sensibilities.

At some point, many people came to see these strictures as minefield. Eventually the term came to be seen as requiring compliance with a long list of sometimes confusing and ever-changing rules.

When President Donald Trump declares, “I’m not politically correct!” he gets wild cheers, at least from his supporters.

So what is really going on here?  We explore this with a diverse panel:

• Dawn Penich-Thacker who, in addition to being a leader of Save Our Schools, is an Arizona State University professor whose academic specialty includes rhetoric.

• Steve Krafft is just days past his liberation/retirement from 34 years of news reporting at FOX 10/KTSP in Phoenix — so we finally get to hear how he really feels.

• J’Lein Liese runs an international consultancy that, among other things, helps organizations develop a high performing culture through leadership and strategic communications.

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