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Marvel releases the first official Avengers 4 trailer for 2019

Marvel has released the new highly anticipated Avengers 4 trailer and officially released the title: Avengers: Endgame.

The trailer features the aftermath of Avengers: Infinity War showing the surviving superheroes in a “what now?” situation.

Tony Stark (Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr.) prepares fans for a possible sad ending, as he opens the trailer with a mournful farewell to “Miss Potts” while lost in space.

The movie looks to be a continuation of Infinity War to defeat the almighty Thanos (played by Josh Brolin).

The Avengers team, what’s left of them, will look to get help from a familiar face in Hawkeye (played by Jeremy Renner), who did not appear in Infinity War.

Ant-Man (played by Paul Rudd), who made a surpise appearance in the trailer, apparently survived Thanos’ “snap” that wiped out half of the earth’s population.

There’s some speculation as to whether or not fans will see an appearance from Captain Marvel (played by Brie Larson), whose movie will be released before the new Avengers movie.

Avengers: Endgame will be in theaters on April 26, 2019, instead of the previously announced May 3.

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