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Here are the best movies to watch with your family during Thanksgiving

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SALT LAKE CITY — Thanksgiving brings many people together under one roof, for better or for worse. If you’re one of the people who consider it “for worse,” this article may be for you.

Mashable’s Alison Foreman recently made a list of the best movies to watch with family and stay sane over Thanksgiving. Because after battling over political ideology during dinner, the last thing you’ll want to do is have to continue arguing over the remote.

Here are the highlights:

Any Pixar movie: So many classics to choose from. Foreman does warn readers to stay away from “WALL-E,” as it could potentially turn into a conversation about climate change.

Classic action flicks: These are good for the older crowds. Think “Indiana Jones” or “Mission: Impossible.”

Stand-alone Marvel movies: The key word in here being “stand-alone.” Watching one of the sequel movies or one that relies heavily on background knowledge is sure to confuse the members of your group that aren’t Marvel experts. “Captain America” or “Iron Man” are good places to start.

Robin Williams comedies: Foreman suggests the late actor’s beloved classics like “Flubber,” “Hook” and other light-hearted movies.

Charlie Brown: Foreman claims that “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” is the only true Thanksgiving movie and therefore cannot be beaten.

Click here to see more of Foreman’s movie suggestions.

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