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Australian political strategist Bruce Hawker talks ‘Trump’s America’

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Bruce Hawker is an Australian political strategist and commentator who was the political director for Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

He is in the United States producing a documentary, “Trump’s America,” and is visiting Arizona, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Minnesota in attempt to dissect and explain the American political psyche.

In the 19th century, it took a Frenchman, Alexis de Tocqueville, to write what most regard as the definitive work on American character. So the observations of someone from another English-speaking democracy with its roots in English common law can be instructive.

We discuss some interesting contrasts between Australian and American politics:

• Guns: Despite a frontier history and a gun culture not unlike our own, Australia implemented serious gun control following a horrific mass killing. In contrast, after many such instances in this country, we have essentially done nothing. Why the difference?

• Compulsory voting: Voting in Australia is mandatory and widely accepted as a civic duty.

• Minimum Wage: The Australian minimum wage is roughly $14 per hour in U. S. dollars, compared to our federal rate of $7.25.

• Instant runoff voting: Permit voters to cast expressive ballots for parties with little chance of winning without any chance of a “wasted vote.” (Instant runoff voting reallocates votes to third and fourth parties to second and third choices).

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