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Watch this video of the most relaxed bear cub you’ll ever see

Bear cubs purr, apparently.

That’s what an apparent bear expert said in a 32-second viral video of a woman holding a bear cub.

The animal relaxed across her body with its arms spread out as she held it.

“That means I’m doing something right,” the woman holding the cub cooed as it made the odd noise.

The short video has about 92,000 views as of Thursday night. It mainly focuses on the bear, with closed eyes, a small pink nose and short but sharp claws peeking out of its paws.

The noise continued throughout the video, and the woman asked if the bear was dreaming.

“Just like a cat purrs when you pet them, its their happy noise,” the bear expert said.

It’s no wonder mama bears are so protective of their cubs. If I was caring for something with a nose and a noise like this little guy, I would be too.

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