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In case you didn’t know, dogs can ride motorcycles and it’s adorable

If you have a motorcycle and a dog, you should definitely watch this video and get a new copilot.

The video, taken in Songkha, Thailand, shows a dog holding on to its owner’s shoulders as they weave in and out of traffic on a motor bike.

And if a dog trying to be a human wasn’t cute enough already, it’s holding an umbrella in it’s mouth.

To be honest, the dog’s sense of balance is pretty great. Not only does it have to worry about the constant bumps and swerves of the road but it also has to be aware of the giant umbrella it’s holding on to.

You can hear the person taking the video talking and laughing at the dog as they ride alongside.

The best part is that the owner looks almost unfazed by the person recording, nodding once in recognition. He made it seem like his dog rides with him like this all the time, which we can only hope is true.

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