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Olive Garden unveils Italian nachos and the internet is not OK

(Olive Garden Photo)

Italian nachos are now a thing.

Olive Garden recently released a new dish called “loaded pasta chips,” which are made of fried lasagna. The chips are loaded with cheese and a meat sauce, which includes chicken, meatballs and sausage.

The nachos include alfredo sauce and tomatoes.

The dish will set you back 1,520 calories and $7.79 per order.

According to Mashable, internet users freaked out over the nachos-wannabe dish.

“Olive Garden’s menu has a history of offending Italian grandmothers, and this dish is no exception,” according to Mashable.

Speaking of restaurants embracing other cultures, Taco Bell released new Nacho Fries in January.

The fries come with Mexican seasoning and nacho dipping sauce.

The Nacho Fries, which will have a limited release, cost only $1. Add-ons can increase the price to $2.49 or $3.49 depending on how much more stuff customers want to pile on, the Deseret News reported.

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