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Need a laugh? Relive 2017 with these hilarious news bloopers

Live news broadcasts often come with highs — and lows.

Broadcasters and reporters alike get tongue-tied on air, mispronounce words and names, get interrupted by locals looking to get their 15 seconds of fame and sometimes unknowingly interview stars — like Arizona Cardinals’ running back Adrian Peterson.

And while 2017 may have been a busy year, there was one thing it wasn’t short on: News. Broadcasters and reporters were kept busy, sharing the biggest national and local news stories of the day with viewers, but sometimes they also shared unintentional funny moments.

Some of the funniest news bloopers of 2017 also became overnight sensations, like when political science professor Robert Kelly was interrupted by his own children during a live interview on the BBC.

The interaction blew up online, leading the children to get a show of their own, titled “The Adventures of Mina and Jack.”

Another blooper involved a Weather Channel producer who absolutely lost it after an Atlanta bus accidentally parked itself in front of the station’s set-up shot of the imploding Georgia Dome.

There’s plenty more in the 15 minute video, but we don’t want to spoil the fun. And if you want to keep the laughs going, there’s also a second video full of news bloopers for you.

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