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California couple goes viral for Winter ‘Pun-derland’ decorations

You’ve probably seen a Winter Wonderland, but have you ever heard of a Winter “Pun-derland”?

Kyle and Cori Gunderson, a couple based out of Costa Mesa, California, have gone viral for their hilarious spin on the classic holiday decorations.

In a video posted to Kyle’s Facebook, Cori takes viewers on a MTV “Cribs”-style tour of their decorations.

The couple’s garage is outfitted with letters spelling out “Winter PUNderland,” because, as Cori says, “it’s the most pun-derful time of the year.”

Placed above the garage is the alphabet — but it’s missing an L.

“Noel. There’s no L, get it?”

In a nearby bush, there are a bunch of spices and seasonings that are holding various greetings, such as “hi” or “hello.”

“Seasons greetings.”

On the house’s second story are two kings and a print-out of a stock board — stockings.

“We have the ever-wonderful Michael Kaine, and then rows of candy,” Cori said.

“And so that would be?” Kyle asked.

“Candy canes.”

For the more creepy portion of the decorations, the couple dressed up a pair of silver, blow-up dolls in Belle — from “Beauty and the Beast” dresses — to make silver bells.

The couple also decorated some gardening hoes (ho, ho, ho), a blow-up doll with a red wig who was holding bread (a gingerbread man), a knight shushing its guests (“Silent Night”) and a Matt Damon mat (a Christmas mat).

But that wasn’t all: The couple also set up a photo of The Rock next to a Christmas tree for — I think you know where this is going — “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

The video was posted on Monday and has been viewed more than 8 million times, in addition to the thousands of times it has been shared and reposted.

It looks like this has been in the works for weeks: An earlier video showed the pair rolling out their “Christmas Matt.”

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