Homeowner’s cost guide to remodeling kitchens and baths

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Sep 29, 2017, 11:53 AM | Updated: Sep 4, 2018, 4:19 pm


A few years of family living can make virtually any house seem battered and worn. In most homes, kitchens and bathrooms get the most use, so it isn’t surprising these rooms often show extensive wear and tear. Showers start to leak, tiles start to lift, drywall bubbles, cabinets get worn out and drawers start to stick. These are just a few signs of wear and tear that can leave you feeling like your home is tired and dated.

When it comes to home improvement, kitchen and bathroom upgrades are high on homeowners’ wish lists. Amazing kitchens and spa-like bathrooms can add to a home’s value, and they also make living in the home more convenient and pleasant.

Homeowners considering a major overhaul need to be prudent and cautious because a poor remodeling job won’t add much value. When considering a remodel, one of the biggest questions homeowners want to know is, ‘How much can I expect to pay?’ Since all remodeling projects are not created equal, it is important to understand what you can expect for the investment in your home.

Here are a few guidelines on what you can expect for your remodeling budget.

Kitchen remodel


Cosmetic improvements like granite or quartz countertops; a new sink and faucet or possibly new appliances instead. Redo the flooring if the square footage is a smaller footprint.


Replace countertops as well as put in a new sink and faucet. If you enjoy the layout and your countertops, there is an option to reface the cabinets, and depending on the size of your kitchen, it might be possible to also add a backsplash; replace one or two appliances or do under-cabinet lighting.


This is typically a smaller kitchen of maybe 120 sq. ft. or less. You can have a complete switch-out of cabinets and countertops and possibly appliances.


Remove soffits and add new, taller cabinets; new nicer grade of quartz or granite countertops; under-mount sink and European faucet; replace flooring; redo flooring; new light fixtures and cabinet under-lighting, upgraded appliances; install backsplash and repaint.

$75,000 and more:

This would include pretty much what has been mentioned in the other categories already, but also can include changes to the kitchen layout; two types of countertops, granite or quartz, plus a butcher-block area; new cabinetry could include features such as self-closing drawers, shelves with spice racks and Lazy Susans and organizer drawers for silverware; upgrade to nicer appliances; cabinet with a desk or a built-in wine rack; remove soffits with old boxy fluorescent lighting; pendant lights; new backsplash could be made of glass; travertine or hardwood floors.

Bathroom remodel

$15,000 – and up:

Typically a Guest bath or small main bath. Install prebuilt cabinets or refinish or reface your current cabinets; granite or quartz countertops with new sinks and faucets; add a tile surround and tile trim on your existing bathtub; install a new shower or redo the flooring; repaint and add new lighting fixtures.

$20,000 – and up:

Typically a Guest bath. New cabinets and countertops; replace your old shower with a brand new tiled shower with a low edge and a frameless shower enclosure; tile surround on your bathtub.

$30,000 – and up:

Typically a small Master bath. New cabinets and countertops; replace your old shower with a walk-in shower; tile surround on your bathtub.

$50,000 – and up:

Complete gut with changes in the layout and the plumbing and electricity; create a beach entry, walk-in shower or just a more spacious and modern master bathroom; build a separate cubicle for the toilet; stand-alone tub; new cabinets; tile can be marble, porcelain, travertine or granite.

For any of these projects, if you want to add more space and will be bumping out walls for an addition, a budget for that would be developed at the same time.

It is important to choose the builder for your home improvement project carefully. No other decision will have a greater impact on its success or failure.

“Don’t expect to get the best job from the low bidder,” said “If one bidder is significantly below the others, either he is making a mistake (often due to inexperience), is planning to make up the difference in change orders, or is at risk of losing his shirt and may end up cutting corners or even walking off the job.”

Choosing the right contractor ensures the job will be done properly and you will end up with a kitchen or bath that adds value and comfort to your home.


TraVek Inc is a design-build whole home improvement company, which means we take a project from design to completion. We specialize in remodeling and additions and thoroughly enjoy giving our customers the new kitchen or in-law apartment they’ve been contemplating for years.  Several of our designers render 3-D designs so a customer can see the completed project before the first cabinet is even ordered.




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Homeowner’s cost guide to remodeling kitchens and baths