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Phoenix says seasonal algae cause of odd smell, taste in drinking water

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PHOENIX — The city of Phoenix said residents who notice an odd taste or smell in their drinking water should not be concerned, as it is caused by an unharmful seasonal bacteria.

“The canal algae are removed during the treatment process, although the scent may remain,” the city said in a Wednesday press release. “The chlorine used in our treatment process to disinfect your water also can affect the taste and odor.”

Phoenix said its drinking water either meets or exceeds all requirements for health and safety.

“Be assured that if water quality is ever an issue in Phoenix, customers will be notified,” the release read.

The city said the geosmin and methylisoborneol algae counts typically rise in the autumn months.

Geosmin is an organic compound that has an earthy flavor. It is also responsible for the smell that occurs after rain falls. Methylisoborneol can cause a musty or earthy odor.

Phoenix was using a carbon treatment to reduce to odor and taste caused by the algae.

Mesa experienced issues with geosmin earlier this month that did not affect the safety of drinking water.

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