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Ten ideas for you when creating your trendy, luxury shower

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Thinking of remodeling your bathroom? More homeowners are and they have been creating huge, luxurious showers.

Here is a list of 10 of the latest trends:

Double-size showers

This means two sets of shower heads and handheld sprays.

Showers are relaxing experiences and having a double set of showerheads can intensify the relaxation. If the shower is big enough, two people can shower at once, of course, and have different settings for temperature and amount of spray.

Take a seat

Sit back and unwind in the shower. Having a bench is a great way to help turn your daily shower into a relaxing spa-like experience.

You can also use the bench to hold various lotions, shampoos and skin treatments. You can have a permanent bench built into the shower or seating that can be removed if necessary.

It’s all about the reach

Instead of just standing under the rain head, you can have a flexible hose to hold the shower head in your hand and move spray wherever you want. Hoses are usually about five-feet long but they can be as long as eight feet.

Curbless showers

Have you ever tripped over the curb in a shower? Well, now they’re making showers with no curbs.

They’re easier to clean and make the bathroom seem more spacious. They’re also great for baby boomers as they get older and more worried about falls.

No-glass showers

If you don’t have a curb, you might also want to have no glass at all in your shower. The floor, however, has to be specially designed so that all the water in the shower runs downhill into a drain.

Of course, a certain amount of spray may bounce around the area so it’s necessary to have shower heads properly installed to avoid flooding. Many of the showers you see built this way have two solid walls with a third wall made of glass blocks.

Clear doors, special coating

Textured glass walls and doors are out of style. Now, see-through glass with as little metal bracing as possible is the most popular trend.

How do you maintain that crystal-clear enclosure without having water and soap spots all over the glass? Special coatings can be put on the glass before the shower is installed and that will alleviate most of the problems.

It’s also a good idea to install a water softener to prevent hard water from marking up the glass.

You still need to wipe off the surfaces with microfiber cloths plus a little gentle cleaning liquid. You don’t want to use ammonia-based cleaners, as they can take off the finish, so ask the glass company what you need for proper cleaning.

Grab bars are in style

You want to buy and install these bars for safety’s sake, no matter what age you are. Today’s grab bars can be purchased to match your shower head and faucets and can serve double duty as a towel or washcloth bar.

Music and TV

Entertainment is part of the relaxing experience you can have in a shower.

Bringing electronics into the bathroom is almost a necessity. You might want to install wireless speakers, Bluetooth devices and docking stations.

Kohler sells an all-in-one shower head and speaker.

Forget the granite

Go with ceramic or porcelain tile instead. There can be more maintenance involved in protecting granite surfaces and keeping them from getting slippery.

Put some effort into studying the various tile options and you could be much happier.

Tub debate

Think twice before removing all your tubs. When they create a mini-paradise of water, homeowners often remove the existing bathtub in master baths in order to devote more space to a luxurious shower.

That’s OK, but be sure to keep at least one bathtub available somewhere in your home.

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