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Best Super Bowl commercials range from Brady’s morning to secret society meeting

Some are watching the Super Bowl for the game, while others are in it for the commercials.

The 2017 edition of the big game was the most ambitious version of commercials yet, including high-budget sets and features from prominent movie stars, athletes and more. It’s not cheap for the amount of exposure the ad gets, as the New York Times said the average cost of a 30-second ad this year was $5 million.

Here are our favorites.


Intel’s ad featured two significant contributions to this year’s game: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and their own 360° technology that was shown throughout the game.

The commercial showcases how the start to Brady’s morning can be incredibly epic with the advanced camera angles and some dramatic music clued in.

We also learned that Brady is not only a believer in the five-second rule when he drops food on the ground, but will straight up eat a pancake with his bare hands.

How do you make a brawl involving Wonder Woman and The Transporter relate to your business that is about creating websites?

It’s not clear after this ad, but the fighting involving movie stars Gal Gadot and Jason Statham commences as an aspiring chef named Felix listens to music while creating a website for his food truck as his bistro is destroyed.

This ad gets a happy ending, as the man appears to have a successful food truck business after movie stars obliterated his other eatery.

Avocados From Mexico

The extended version of the commercial above shows a secret society awkwardly dealing with the issues surrounding hiding their identities while listening to imposing music.

The group runs through all the urban myths of late that are supposedly real before arriving at the point of the latest leak of information is avocados, which have been much more popular as of late.

The big laugh comes when Kyle is called out for streaming the meeting before remembering the secret society is indeed a secret and he cannot send it out for the world to see.

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