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Horror film ‘Rings’ comes to life for some poor, unsuspecting shoppers


Remember the 2002 horror film “The Ring?” The one where you watch a cursed VHS tape and then seven days later, you die?

Well, if you’re like me and thought, “Well, good thing videotapes are basically prehistoric, so the film has no real fear factor anymore,” you’re wrong.

“The Ring” is being remade and revamped for modern ages in the new horror film, “Rings.”

Just like “The Ring,” “Rings” also centers around a mysterious tape that kills its watcher in seven days — but this time, the video has been uploaded to the internet for the digital age.

(Blame Samara for using her time in-between killings to get tech-savvy.)

In order to promote the film, which comes out on Feb. 3, Paramount Pictures decided to bring Samara to life and scare the pants off of some poor unsuspecting shoppers.

If you’re brave enough, watch the trailer for “Rings” below.

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