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First lady Michelle Obama, others say thank you on ‘Tonight Show’

If you got to say a heartfelt thank you to first lady Michelle Obama, what would you say? Now, what would you say if she was actually listening to you behind a curtain, waiting to give you a hug?

That is what happened to six people on “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday. They were just told to say a thank you message to a photo of her hanging on a wall.

They all started off very composed and calm because, after all, they were just talking to a photo.

Some were ready with a prepared speech and some just spoke their minds. But when Obama herself appeared from behind the curtain, they all lost it.

“This was not what I was expecting. I was eating pizza bites yesterday in my bed and now I’m meeting the first lady,” said one woman in between laughs and sobs.

The first lady also took part in the popular “thank you note” segment with Jimmy Fallon.

Her first note thanked Inauguration Day, saying “Thank you, Inauguration Day, or as I like to call it, let’s move,” which is a pun about her initiative she launched to fight child obesity.

After going back and forth, Fallon’s last thank you note read, “Thank you, Mrs. Obama, for always promoting physical fitness, and hey since you like exercising so much, how about running for president?”

All Michelle Obama could do is laugh and playfully hit him. Who knows what she will do in the future?

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