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Farewell to first daughters Malia and Sasha Obama

(Twitter Photo)

The days in the White House are dwindling for President Barack Obama and the first family. In less than two weeks, a new commander in chief, Donald Trump, will take the oath of office.

The outgoing Obamas — the president, first lady Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha — have been smiling for the world’s cameras for eight straight years.

That is a long time to grow up in the public eye, but Malia, 18, and Sasha, 15, survived admirably.

“They are sweet, kind, funny, smart, respectful people, and they treat everybody with respect,” Obama told ABC News this week.

“You know, we feel pretty good when … they go to other folks’ houses and when the parents say, ‘Oh, you know, Malia, she’s just so sweet,’ or ‘Sasha helped to pick up the dishes. What is it that you’re doing?'” he said.

Michelle Obama told Ellen DeGeneres in September she thought the girls would struggle a little leaving the White House, missing the people who work there.

“Think about it: The girls have grown up in the White House. I mean, the staff that’s there – we see them every day. These are people who have helped us raise our kids. They’ve loved us. They’ve taken care of us. The minute we leave, that’s it.”

Malia, who graduated from high school in June, will attend Harvard next year. The family will remain in Washington so that Sasha can stay at Sidwell Friends School.

As the teens leave the White House for private life, there aren’t many who would argue that the kids are all right.

Watch them grow up in photos:

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