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Adele-themed message wins ADOT’s contest for best freeway sign

(Arizona Department of Transportation Photo)

PHOENIX — The creative freeway warning signs from the Arizona Department of Transportation have become quite the talking point, both around town and online.

The humorous signs give people on their commute a chuckle and something people from out of town to ask about. Photos of the messages are shared all over social media.

But which message was the most popular of 2016? To find out, ADOT posted a survey on its site and let the public weigh in on its favorite sign.

The winner: “Hello from the other side, buckle up & stay alive.” The message coincided with the release of Adele’s smash hit “Hello,” which contains the lyrics, “Hello from the other side. I must have called a thousand times.”

The Thanksgiving-themed messages of “Gobble, gobble go easy on the throttle” and “Mash potatoes not your head, buckle up” came in second and third.

In a blog, ADOT said it plans to keep the poll running so more people can voice their opinion on the best freeway sign. Hey, long as the agency keeps the signs coming, we’ll keep reading along and laughing to ourselves in the car.

Check out some of the other top ADOT freeway warning signs in the slideshow below.

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