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YouTube blogger flies in style after free first-class upgrade

Small seats, cramped legs and crying babies often make commercial flying nearly unbearable.

This wasn’t the case for Casey Neistat, a popular YouTube blogger who got the flight of his dreams after receiving a free upgrade to first-class for his trip from Dubai to New York City.

However, this wasn’t just any free upgrade. The first-class Emirates Airlines ticket came with a price tag over $21,000.

Neistat documented the 14-hour flight on his YouTube channel, and the video has since gone viral nearing ten million views.  He made sure to take advantage of all the available perks, including a touch screen TV, retracting bed and full menu of fine dining options.

The kicker comes near the end of the video, when Neistat reserves the shower on board for a 30-minute slot.

For those stuck back in coach, apparently not all travel is created equal.

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