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Uber, Lyft can now pick up from Sky Harbor

PHOENIX — Uber and Lyft made their first curbside pickups from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on Saturday, months after approval from the Phoenix City Council.

According to rules drawn up by the council, at 12:01 a.m. Saturday the ride-sharing services were finally allowed to not only drop off passengers at the airport but pick them up as well from a designated area, separate from those for taxi or van services.

This was the final step for the ride-sharing companies in a lengthy process they went through for approval with the airport and the city council.

Uber thanked Gov. Doug Ducey, who said in his January State of the State address that Phoenix city officials needed to remove the “unnecessary regulations” that were stopping ride-sharing services from picking up passengers at the airport.

Uber also thanked Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, who previously said that he wanted any agreements between the companies and the airport to be done “right, not just quickly” and to “ensure homeland security.”

The agreement has apparently done that, as Uber said in instructions to its drivers that picking up at Sky Harbor could cause drivers’ background check information to be shared with the airport upon request.

The agreement also requires that drivers not circle the terminals and that they only pick up passengers from the area designated for them.

The areas that passengers can catch a Lyft or Uber from, designated with “ride share” signs, are: outside Door No. 8 for Terminal 2, outside Door No. 9 for Terminal 3, and outside Doors No. 1 and 8 for Terminal 4.

If you catch either of the ride-sharing services from Sky Harbor there will be a $3.25 surcharge added to the cost of your ride but Lyft is offering $10 off your next two rides to and from the airport until June 30.

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