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What is that thing?! Phoenix Sky Harbor employee reports UFO sighting

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PHOENIX — A Phoenix Sky Harbor employee said he spotted an unidentified flying object flying low above the airport while he was working in March.

According to the testimony in Case 75640 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database, the massive object flew less than 500 feet overhead.

The witness reported watching a chevron-shaped UFO fly northwest over the airport while he was “disposing of trash” at about 9 p.m. on March 1.

“The lights were what I noticed at first,” the witness said in the report. “They were white and formed a chevron shape that allowed me to notice the shape of the object. It was very large as it passed beside me. I was near the tower, so I knew it was high, but not too high as for me not to get an idea how large this object was.”

The witness said he did not feel afraid. He submitted a sketch with the report to MUFON.

(Credit: MUFON)

(Credit: MUFON)

“I didn’t feel anything but shock as I pondered what had just taken place,” he said.

The witness said that the light near the dumpster was out and the lights on his vehicle were turned off, so “no other light source was close enough to hamper my vision.”

He said he felt calm, with no sense of danger as the massive object flew silently above.

“Just a sense of wonder and amazement that something so huge could travel in the air and not make any noise.”

Phoenix has long been a UFO hotspot in the eyes of believers.

More than 10,000 people statewide saw what many believe was a mass UFO event on March 13, 1997, known as the Phoenix Lights.

Although airport officials told Phoenix New Times that no unusual incidents were reported on the night alleged sighting, MUFON field investigators continue to look into the matter.

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