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  • Hackers targeting more businesses with sophisticated ransomware attacks

    Sophisticated ransomware attacks have become a very lucrative extortion scam for organized cybercrime groups.
  • What are these new updates coming from Apple? Anything good?

    Q: Anything worth looking into from the Apple Event? A: Apple’s Hey Siri media event consisted of announcements in four major categories — nothing revolutionary, mostly evolutionary. The first was the announcement of watchOS 2.0, which is the first major update to the software that runs the Apple Watch. The second announcement was for the […]
  • Can Macintosh computers get Windows viruses?

    Q: I’m getting a Windows blue screen error on my Macbook that won’t let me do anything on the Internet. I’m confused; can a Mac get a Windows virus? It’s not possible for a Macintosh to contract an actual Windows specific virus, so the answer is no. What you’re most likely experiencing is a browser-based […]
  • Update Internet Explorer even if you use Microsoft Edge

    Q: I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and started using the new Edge browser, so do I still need to install critical updates for Internet Explorer? Microsoft’s Edge browser is a complete departure from Internet Explorer and is actually a completely different product. One of the reasons Microsoft took this approach was to shed all […]
  • Are Windows 10’s rumored privacy issues overblown or cause for concern?

    Q: I’m hearing a lot of issues concerning privacy with Windows 10. Should I be worried or is it being overblown? Microsoft definitely took a completely different approach with Windows 10 and because of that, privacy concerns are being heatedly discussed across the Internet. Some would have you believe that it’s a privacy nightmare and […]
  • Here’s what we know about Windows 10’s issues so far

    Q: Any insight into how Windows 10 upgrades are going so far?  Is it safe to jump in? As I previously wrote, Microsoft is offering a free upgrade for the next year that most people will likely find compelling. As with any major operating system update, it’s always safer to hang back and let the […]
  • How to avoid falling victim to major Android security flaw

    Q: I have an Android phone and just heard about the major security problem, so what do I do? A number of newly-discovered vulnerabilities in a central Android software component called Stagefright, which is used to play, process or record multimedia files, is estimated to affect up to 95 percent of Android users. According to […]
  • Car hacking just became a real concern for millions of drivers

    How worried should I be about my new car that has Wi-Fi getting hacked?
  • Four reasons why you keep getting spam emails

    How are spammers getting my email if I hardly ever use it? I don't respond to any offers and I want to know if there is way to stop them!
  • Is it time to get rid of Adobe Flash?

    With the latest hacker exploits of Adobe Flash making the rounds, is it time to just completely uninstall it from my machine?
  • Popular new app is nothing more than piracy made easy

    A friend told me about an app called Popcorn Time that allows you to watch TV shows and movies from your phone or tablet. Is it safe to use?
  • It happens: New computers can crash too

    I have a fairly new iMac with a Fusion hard drive that crashed. When I took it to the Apple Store, they said that data recovery wasn't possible and that I had to start from scratch. Is there a data recovery option?
  • Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

    I'm getting the "Get Windows 10" alert on my computer in the bottom right-hand corner. Should I download it?
  • A good tool for sniffing out scam websites

    I think I have fallen for a scam. My desktop said my computer was compromised with some kind of malware and gave me a number to call. I did call and fell for the scam, so what should I do?
  • Tips for speeding up a slow browser

    I've been using Chrome as my browser in Windows 7 for a while, but it seems like it's getting real slow these days; is there a better option?
  • Matrix Airfare search

    There are lots of websites that offer to help you find great travel deals, but if you have a flexible travel schedule, I really love the Matrix Airfare Search Tool. You start by entering your departure and destination cities, a 30 day departure date range and the range of days you can stay at your […]
  • DropBox for Gmail

    The process for sending large files via email can be time consuming or require your recipient to sign up for a special service. If you use Gmail and Dropbox, today’s tip will help you leverage them together in new way that streamlines the process. A recent update to the Dropbox for Gmail extension for the […]
  • Anchor Pointer app

    Detailed smartphone maps are great when you’re traveling and have a cellular connection, but if you get off the beaten path, they’re essentially useless. That’s where an iPhone app called Anchor Pointer can be a real help. Since the GPS on your phone can work without cell service, the app essentially turns your phone into […]
  • Understanding the growing use of surveywalls

    Why are so many websites forcing me to take a survey in order to read the news these days?
  • Cheddar Up

    We all belong to various groups such as PTOs, kid’s sports teams or charitable organizations that from time to time need to collect funds from the group. The smaller the organization, the more likely it is to rely on the old school method of collecting individual checks from everyone, which can be a logistical nightmare. […]