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The Think Tank

  • The Think Tank revisits the Don Bolles story

    The Think Tank talks to Arizona Republic reporter Richard Ruelas about his new series focusing on slain reporter Don Bolles.
  • Think Tank talks impeachment probe and latest Democratic debate

    The Think Tank discusses the impeachment probe and the latest Democratic debate this week with Tom Ryan and Chuck Coughlin.
  • Think Tank discusses how socialism functions in various countries

    The word “socialist” is thrown around in our politics as an epithet. This week, the Think Tank discusses why it's not that simple.
  • Think Tank goes to Cuba and brings back firsthand observations

    In the comfort of their homes, but not publicly, Cubans speak freely and candidly. Think Tank's Mike O'Neil shares his observations from an eye-opening trip.
  • Think Tank discusses fear and loathing in rural America

    The Think Tank talks to radio host Snowden Bishop about economic stagnation in rural America and people's views on education there.
  • Think Tank talks to foreign policy expert Daniel Rothenberg

    The Think Tank discusses current events with Daniel Rothenberg, a professor of practice at ASU’s School of Politics and Global Studies.  
  • Political consultants join Think Tank to dissect Democratic debate

    The Think Tank assembles a high-powered brain trust of politicos to dissect this week’s presidential debate: Tony Cani, Rodd McLeod and Chuck Coughlin.
  • Think Tank talks to US Supreme Court expert Paul Bender

    Think Tank talks to Professor Paul Bender, an Arizona expert on the U.S. Supreme Court, which began its term this week.
  • Impeachment? Think Tank considers legal and political aspects

    This week’s Think Tank considers both the legal and political aspects of impeachment with legal expert Paul Bender and political consultant Chuck Coughlin.
  • How do we build strong families in Arizona?

    How do we build strong families in Arizona? The Think Tank talks to three professionals about their work on these issues.