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  • Is an RFID-blocking wallet for credit cards really necessary?

    The move to include contactless payment technology on major credit cards has been growing in the United States, but other countries have used it for quite some time.
  • Do wireless chargers reduce smartphone battery life?

    Understanding what can harm battery life and avoiding those situations is essential for smartphone users.
  • Who can and who can’t use iOS 13, Apple’s latest mobile update

    Apple’s annual major update to their mobile operating system (iOS) usually brings up many questions for those who own the mobile devices.
  • Wi-Fi 6 will improve speed, but it’s going to be a while before it’s here

    The most likely place that you’ll first notice the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 is in places like airports and stadiums that try to provide wireless networking to large numbers of people.
  • Google Calendar users should be cautious accepting invitations

    If you find a strange event in your Google calendar that includes a link to learn more or prepare for a meeting, it could be a trick to get you to click a malicious link.
  • These are the results from a 5G field test conducted in Phoenix

    While much faster speeds will be great, low latency is a much more important benefit of 5G, because it will dramatically reduce the amount of time that it takes to get a response to anything we do online.
  • What you need to know about Bluetooth vulnerability

    Security researchers recently discovered a way to intercept a Bluetooth connection between two devices, leading to the ability to plainly view all of the data being transmitted between them.
  • Windows 10 has vulnerabilities, but far fewer than Windows 7

    Most users of Windows 10 are set up to automatically update the operating system whenever Microsoft releases an update. You probably had the recent critical update installed already.
  • Beware of tech support scams lurking in Google search

    Google’s search technology and algorithms are pretty sophisticated, but they have an ongoing challenge with scammers that are constantly trying to game the system.
  • Ways you can protect your Facebook account from being spoofed

    Anyone that uses Facebook has likely received a friend request from someone that they already had a connection with. When these duplicate profiles appear, that means your profile has been cloned or spoofed.