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  • Two Valley hospitals requesting former patients be tested for Hepatitis C

    Two Valley hospitals are requesting that former patients undergo confidential testing after a former employee tested positive for Hepatitis C.
  • Pinal Co. sheriffs seize 518 lbs. of marijuana

    Pinal County sheriffs seized 518 pounds of marijuana and arrested five this week.
  • Christmas trees could cost more greenbacks

    There are five months until Christmas Day and it might take that long to save up for the tree.
  • Valley researcher: AIDS vaccine 5-10 years away

    Will we see a cure for AIDS in our lifetime?
  • Arizona car sales take big jump

    New data suggests Arizonans are spending a little more cash on cars these days.
  • Gilbert police turn to Mesa crime lab for help

    Gilbert investigators who need crime scene processing, DNA analysis, toxicology or other reports will now submit evidence to Mesa's crime lab.
  • Scoring big: Arizona Cardinals introduce cellphone app

    The Arizona Cardinals took the field for their first practice in Flagstaff on Wednesday and you can follow all the action on your cellphone.
  • Colorado shooting causes spike in gun sales

    Colorado gun sales have spiked more than 40 percent since last Friday's shootings at a theater near Denver and that comes as no surprise to a Valley gun shop owner.
  • Blake’s Bumps for 07.24.12

    The Gaslight Anthem Howl The Wallflowers Reboot The Mission Delta Rae Is There Anyone Out There The Apache Relay American Nomad Passion Pit Carried Away Paul Westerberg Dyslexic Heart No Doubt Settle Down Miike Snow The Wave Widespread Panic Saint Ex Follow Blake’s Bumps on Twitter or Tumblr. Follow @KTAR923
  • Stay Away From Debt Consolidation

    Question: Donna in Los Angeles wants to know if there’s ever a good reason to use a debt consolidation company. Dave says it may be a good idea to avoid a bankruptcy, but most of the time, it’s a bad plan. Answer: I guess to avoid bankruptcy might be one possibility. Most of the time, […]
  • Debt-Free Single Dad!

    Kenneth in Financial Peace Plaza is debt-free! Kenneth lives in Memphis and traveled to Nashville to celebrate. He paid off $70,000 in three and a half years making $31,000–46,000 a year. He’s a single dad of two kids. Bank of America was the last debt Kenneth paid off. Hear the call! Download Dave’s show, commercial […]
  • Responses to my open letter to former Ariz. Sen. Pearce

    I rarely ever respond to opinions about one of these commentaries, because obviously it would just disintegrate into a never ending series of "I agree, I disagree. Oh yeah? You're a bigger one...your mama is so fat that she..."
  • Reporter weighs in on Arpaio’s appearance in court

    The federal case against Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his office has wrapped up its first day. Arpaio took the stand Tuesday and faced questions on the practices of his deputies during his crime suppression sweeps, believed to be racially profiling.
  • Convicted felon arrested after punching officer

    A 19-year-old Mexican national who barricaded himself inside of a Phoenix apartment on Tuesday has been arrested, police said.
  • Massive layoffs coming to an end?

    Most U.S. employers report there will be no layoffs at their companies through the rest of the year.
  • Glendale business replaces sign with campaign sign

    A Glendale business owner has taken down an overhead sign in favor of a campaign sign supporting mayoral candidate Manny Cruz.
  • Scripture of the Day 07.24.12

    Psalm 9:12 — Blessed is he man you discipline, O Lord, he man you teach from your law. Follow @KTAR923
  • Arizona Cardinals report to Flagstaff training camp

    Arizona Cardinals players reported to training camp in Flagstaff on Tuesday and will practice for the first time on Wednesday.
  • Naked man invades Phoenix family’s apartment

    A Phoenix family got a scare on Monday when a naked man invaded their apartment.
  • Report: ‘Dark Knight Rises’ star visits Colorado victims

    Christian Bale, who plays Bruce Wayne and his superhero alter ego Batman, is reportedly in Aurora, Colo. to visit victims of the "Dark Knight Rises" shooting.