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  • Booming Mesa Gateway plans more development

    Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is experiencing massive growth.
  • Embattled bald eagle pair breeds successfully in man-made nest

    For three years a pair of bald eagles nesting along the Verde River continued to return to the only nest they had ever known. And each year their eaglets died, despite the efforts of biologists.
  • Phoenix hires Ohio group to market city’s naming rights

    Chase Field. Arena. University of Phoenix Stadium. All of these Valley sports facilities have those names because companies bought the naming rights.
  • West Nile cases in U.S. rise, but Arizona remains steady

    While West Nile virus is a increasing problem around the country, cases in Arizona are on par with previous years.
  • 3rd pipe bomb explosion outside same Glendale home

    For the third time in about a year, Glendale Police are investigating an explosion outside a home at 66th and Olive avenues.
  • Record number of Latinos attend DNC

    Latinos are breaking records at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.
  • Thousands of state employees face pay-raise deadline

    Arizona state employees have two weeks to decide.
  • Hackers increasingly targeting Apple computers

    Computer viruses, trojans and malware attacks are skyrocketing.
  • Vehicle hits family of 3 crossing street in Tempe

    A car struck a family of three in Tempe Wednesday morning, near Rural and Guadalupe roads.
  • Microbrewers line up for siblings’ Arizona-grown hops

    Arizona will soon have its first truly homegrown beer.
  • Blake’s Bumps for 09.04.12

    Living Colour Cult Of Personality Bob Mould The Descent Jack White Missing Pieces Jars of Clay Fade To Grey Gileah and the Ghost Train The Escape The Shins Bait And Switch A Silent Film Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well The Pixies Letter To Memphis The Black Crowes She Talks To Angels Follow Blake’s Bumps […]
  • Charlotte has more blues than New Orleans

    New Orleans and Memphis can't consider themselves the official homes of the blues this week because, as of Tuesday, Charlotte North Carolina has more blue people than Smurfville.
  • Letting Them In on the Secret

    Question: A listener is 25, makes $50,000 a year, and is debt-free including the house. When is it appropriate to let someone he is dating know his financial situation? Dave talks about that being a function of time spent together. Answer: In a dating situation, the more serious you get and the longer you date, […]
  • Meghan McCain: Election is Romney’s to lose

    In the wake of the Republican National Convention and in the midst of the Democratic National Convention, Meghan McCain has thrown her political two cents into the debate.
  • Parents of autistic children reporting high bullying numbers

    Nearly half of parents of autistic teenagers said their kids are being bullied at school, a survey said.
  • Missing woman found deceased in vehicle

    Police called off the search for a missing Tempe woman after she was found deceased in her vehicle on Tuesday from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.
  • Separate Checking Accounts Are Dangerous

    Question: Katie in Dallas says her husband is pushing hard for separate checking accounts. She would rather keep the accounts combined. Dave warns Katie that this isn’t a good sign. Answer: It’s really not good. Jesus said, “Your treasure is where your heart is.” When you do your spending together and we have an income […]
  • Barricade situation leads to arrest of attempted murder suspect

    A man who was holed-up inside a San Tan Valley home Tuesday is now in custody.
  • Scripture of the Day

    Matthew 7:7 — Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Follow @KTAR923
  • Latest TV innovation being met with lukewarm attitude

    The newest generation of high-definition televisions is ready for the public market, but they're not coming cheap.