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  • Anchor: ‘It’s as though a bomb had dropped’ in Watertown

    A CNN anchor made an out-of-line comment Friday to describe the scene in Watertown, Mass., as authorities searched for the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.
  • Arkansas rep tweets Boston ‘liberals’ wish they had guns now

    A political official decided to weigh in on the ongoing manhunt for the Boston bombings suspect, Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, adding his name to the list of people sharing outlandish and absurd notions on Twitter.
  • Pro-gun control ad goes viral

    We all know that guns have changed over the years, but a new pro-gun control ad took that message to heart.
  • Politicians try to deal with rise of hip-hop

    Some politicians are up with the times and some aren't.
  • ‘The bomb’ sandwich gets travelers delayed

    The B-word. Avoid it at all times in an airport, even if your stomachs the only thing that's on fire.
  • Stolen ring up for auction after being swallowed

    A ring thief in New Hampshire swallowed the evidence after realizing he had been locked in the store.
  • Samuel Adams HeliYUM: ‘Unlike what you’ve ever tasted’

    Are you ready for Samuel Adams’ new beer, HeliYUM Ale? OK, maybe it’s not really coming, but good on Samuel Adams for capturing the easy-to-attempt but difficult-to-achieve combination of seriousness with obvious comedy. “Infusing beer with helium has an amazing impact on the beer,” Samuel Adams founder Jim Koch says in the video before. “Couple […]