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Trending with Rob Hunter: The week of fools

This was the week of fools, no doubt about it. If you missed any of these big stories this week, now’s your chance to catch up:

Jimmy Kimmel fakes us out with his “Worst Twerk Fail Ever – Girl catches fire” video. I thought it was real and now I’m never going to believe anything I see on the Internet again!

September 11th has become a day of remembrance for the country. However, some companies like AT&T, the Marriott, the Lakers and even a golf course used 9/11 to promote their brand. Yep, they went there.

Hornet Signs, a decal company in Texas, felt they needed to gain attention for their company. The best thing they could think of was to make a decal that looked like a woman hog-tied in the bed of a truck. Really? Of all the ways to gain attention, they chose abduction as their method.

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