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Trending with Rob Hunter: Edward Snowden, Sebastien de la Cruz and John Stamos

The end of the week is upon us and there are definitely some stories you need to know about this week.

First, Edward Snowden. He blew the lid off America when he let everyone in on the secret our government has been keeping from us for seven years: They’re spying on us! Not sure I would’ve given up my place in Hawaii to let this secret out but to each his own.

Second, Sebastien de la Cruz. The kid sang the national anthem not once, but twice, at the NBA Finals this week and was incredible. All people are talking about is “Why is a Mexican singing the national anthem?” Um, he’s from San Antonio so that makes him an American and who cares who sings it?

Third, John Stamos. Not sure why but he’s putting together a reality show and having celebrities talk about when they lost their virginity. If you figure this one out, let me know.

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