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Trending with Rob Hunter: Barack Obama, #fitchthehomeless and Amy’s Baking Company

Lots of things have been trending this week but I have collected three of the biggest topics that you need to know about if you missed it.

First, this is just not Barack Obama’s week! He was in the news a lot this week for Benghazi e-mails, the Justice Department investigating reporters, and the IRS scandal.

Second, Greg Karber is after the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch after he said his clothes were only for “cool people.” Karber had a problem with this and came up with a solution to redirect the company’s business plan.

Third, and the most epic story of the week, Amy’s Baking Company had a massive meltdown on national television and the Internet. If you leave here with anything, please let it be that Amy speaks feline.

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