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Tabloid Fantasy League – Week 6

What exactly is the ‘Tabloid Fantasy League?’

KTAR’s Chuck Powell explains…

The TFL or Tabloid Fantasy League is my own invention.
You’ve heard of fantasy football, I’m assuming. Well, the
TFL is fantasy football with celebrities. But instead of
the gridiron, the covers of tabloid magazines comprise our
playing field. Four teams, seven celebrities on each
roster, four tabloid magazines (Globe, National Enquirer,
Star, US) and 16 weeks of spine-tingling competition.

Feel free to follow along this season or start your own
league. I think it was I that once said, “this may be
America’s next favorite pastime.”

Scoreboard Producer Joe – Mr. Pinky’s Humzingers! Fun Katy – The Trainwrexx Chuck – “Powellarazzi” Karie – “It’s Hot In Cleveland”
Week 1 45 6 3 3
Week 2 76 10 4 9
Week 3 101 23 19 12
Week 4 108 33 28 20
Week 5 126 47 43 23
Week 6 142 53 52 26

Weekly Pinch Hitters Karie – “It’s Hot In Cleveland” Chuck – “Powellarazzi” Fun Katy – The Trainwrexx Producer Joe – Mr. Pinky’s Humzingers!
Week 1 Bobbi Kristina Chris Brown Lindsay Lohan Emily Smart
Week 2 Chris Brown Gerard Butler Halle Berry Michelle Williams
Week 3 Snooki Tim Tebow Jionni Courtney Robertson
Week 4 – Add/Drops Jessica Simpson/Taylor Armstrong Bobby Brown/Courtney Robertson Davey Jones/Nicki Minaj Bobbi Kristina Brown/Siri Cruz
Week 5 Jason Russell Nick Gordon Prince Harry Jennifer Lawrence
Week 6 Dennis Rodman Trayvon Martin Jenna Talackova Jon Hamm

***WATCH: Karie & Chuck’s Tabloid Fantasy

Full Rosters

Round Fun Katy – The Trainwrexx Producer Joe – Mr. Pinky’s Humzingers! Karie – “It’s Hot In Cleveland” Chuck – “Powellarazzi”
1 Kim Kardashian Whitney Houston Jennifer Aniston Angelina Jolie
2 Beyonce Knowles Kate Middleton Brad Pitt Demi Moore
3 Ben Flajnik – The
Kourtney Kardashian Prince William Katy Perry
4 Hillary Duff Heidi Klum Taylor Swift Ashton Kutcher
5 Robert Pattinson Jennifer Lopez Taylor Armstrong – Real
Housewives of
Beverly Hills
Bobby Brown
6 Nicky Minaj Pippa Middleton Miley Cyrus Barack Obama
7 Justin Bieber Suri Cruise Rihanna Oprah Winfrey
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