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Movies in a Minute: 20 Feet from Stardom

This documentary (yes it’s a documentary) is something I think a lot of people will be interested in.

“20 Feet from Stardom” is a documentary that follows the back-up singers of some of the most famous musicians in the world. Some people may think that being a back-up singer is simply a step to becoming a lead singer, but as Bruce Springsteen said, there is a world of difference between the 20 feet that separates the drum set and the lead microphone.

Some great artists make appearances in this movie, including Springsteen, Sting, Bette Midler and more.

I really enjoyed “20 Feet from Stardom.” If you’re a music buff, you’ll be tapping and singing along with the movie. It’s a limited engagement, but if you can find it, it’s worth seeing.

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