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Legally Speaking: Ed O’Bannon going up against the NCAA

The winds of college athletics is changing. As more and more players speak up, more and more people are changing their minds about the “pay to play” concept.

The NCAA is in a battle right now that is the biggest challenge yet to its authority to operate college sports. Five years ago Ed O’Bannon (former UCLA basketball player) and several other plaintiffs filed an antitrust lawsuit against the NCAA for using the players’ likeness and images in broadcasts and video games without paying the players and pocketing the money. The trial stared Monday.

The results of this trial will have far reaching consequences for not only the NCAA but all Division I college football and basketball players.

Will the NCAA have to pay its players? Will it be able to continue to pocket the money for itself? Will the argument that players are paid in room/board/tuition and degrees win? Did the NCAA conspire to keep money from the players?

These are questions we should have the answer to at the end of the trial. The stakes are huge and the “game” is on the line.

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