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Healthy You with Pamela Hughes: Angelina Jolie

Many of us are hearing the term “BRCA1” for the first time thanks to Angelina Jolie.

That’s one of the genes responsible for breast cancer. If it mutates, you have a much higher risk of developing the disease. She tested positive for the mutation and proactively had her breasts surgically removed.

As this story broke and more people began to talk about it, I received a lot of emails and text messages from women who faced a similar decision with a similar outcome.

It pains me to hear these stories and yet still surprises me just how many of our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, aunts and grandmothers are diagnosed. If anything, Jolie’s story serves as a reminder to know more about our own health and to be empowered to make a tough decision if that day should come.

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