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The Lasso

  • john mayer 7 26 17

    John Mayer tries friendship test on unknowing bar goers

    Musician John Mayer tried a "Friendship Test" on the seat-savers to see if they would actually save their friend's seat if taken by another person.
  • 10 years song 7 24 17

    Pair starts song in 2007, finishes it 10 years later

    For one pair, even though they likely weren't working on the same video for that entire span, it still took them 10 years to finish a project.
  • piano

    Play Guns and Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine guitar solo with a piano

    The iconic guitar solo from Guns and Roses lead guitarist Slash in the song Sweet Child of Mine comes alive on the piano.
  • pinkest pink 7 21 17

    Man makes a vivid color, explains why he can’t show it over video

    Someone created the pinkest pink in the world, a color so pink that our computers don't have the capability to even show it.
  • angelica

    Young girl’s talent show singing performance wows crowd, judges

    A young girl wowed judges and earned the famed "Golden Buzzer" on America's Got Talent with a jaw-dropping singing performance.
  • goat

    Security camera shows goat breaking into office in Colorado

    Imagine showing up to your office one morning to find it had been damaged, only to learn later that an animal was behind the vandalism.
  • (YouTube screenshot)

    Video goes behind the scenes of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

    A video published to the Star Wars YouTube channel gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at their upcoming release, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."
  • selfie

    Woman accidentally destroys $200,000 of art while taking a selfie

    Have you ever tried to take a selfie and, in the process, accidentally knocked over six figures worth of art? Neither have we.
  • Untitled-1

    Blind card dealer fools Penn and Teller

    Penn and Teller are a couple of magicians that are not easily amused, so when Richard Turner stepped up to the plate to try and fool the two, he was in for a tall order.
  • (Screenshot)

    Repairman trapped inside ATM passes ‘help’ note to cash customers

    It's probably a dream come true to find yourself within easy reach of a big stash of cash. Unless it's because you are trapped inside an ATM.
  • (Youtube Screenshot)

    YouTuber demonstrates the world’s biggest Super Soaker

    A YouTuber named Mark Rober published a video showing off a large-scale remake of the famous water gun, the Super Soaker.
  • backflips

    Man breaks world record for most consecutive one-handed backflips

    Don't try this one at home. A man in Tembisa, South Africa has broken the Guiness World Record for the most consecutive one-handed backflips.
  • mars_rover

    NASA giving public a chance to name the new Mars rover

    NASA's latest Mars rover vehicle needs a name -- and the government agency is asking for your help to come up with the moniker.
  • (Screenshot)

    ‘Gangnam Style’ dethroned as most-watched YouTube video ever

    It was a record that was bound to fall: South Korean singer Psy's 2012 hit "Gangnam Style" is no longer the most-viewed video on YouTube.
  • (AP Photo)

    7-Eleven celebrates birthday with Slurpee giveaway

    Continuing a birthday tradition that began over a dozen years ago, 7-Eleven stores will be giving away Slurpee drinks Tuesday.