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    Dave Ramsey says: Never take a loan against retirement

    Just about the worst thing to do with your retirement money is to take a loan against it. You lose money, Dave Ramsey says.
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    Dave Ramsey says: Make grown daughter stand on her own

    A grown married daughter emotionally blackmails her parents into helping with her financial responsibilities. Dave Ramsey says offer other support instead.
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    Dave Ramsey says: Renter should talk to attorney about owners foreclosure

    A renter hasn't heard from the property owner since being notified the home was going into foreclosure. Dave Ramsey says get a lawyer.
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    Dave Ramsey says: Best way to ask for raise is to have discussion

    Asking for a raise is like trying to sell a car -- you try to appraise it for what it’s worth in the marketplace to other people.
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    Dave Ramsey says: Pay off hospital for baby-related medical bills

    A new baby brings along a lot of a hospital costs. Dave Ramsey advises a couple to dip into their emergency fund to pay it all off.
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    Dave Ramsey says: Motorcycle holds valuable memories so hang on to it

    A daughter want to keep the motorcycle that belonged to her late father. Her husband wants to sell it. Dave Ramsey is all for keeping it.
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    Dave Ramsey says: Weigh options before filing homeowner’s claim

    If a homeowner's policy deductible is $1,000 and there's a $1,100 issue, just pay the $100 out of the pocket. Putting in a claim will raise the rates.
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    Tips for your best Father’s Day yet

    The greatest joy a father can have is serving and caring for his family. Set the tone early and prepare to enter the day with a grateful heart.
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    Dave Ramsey says: Move leftover money in envelope budget system to next month

    If you're using the envelope budget system and have leftover money, the smart thing to do is push it forward to the next month.
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    Dave Ramsey says: Don’t let thoughts of buying building block business growth

    Don’t make the mistake of focusing too much on real estate and not enough on generating revenue and managing your business growth intelligently.
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    Dave Ramsey says: Fund emergencies first, then save for down payment

    A couple in their 50s are saving to buy a house and think maybe it would be OK to cut back on their emergency fund in favor of a down payment.
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    Five money tips for parents when it comes to high school graduates

    Share these five tips with the high school graduates in your life to help them build smart money habits and start off college on the right financial foot.
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    Dave Ramsey says: Giving teen deserves pat on back, parents’ guidance

    A bighearted teen wants to give half his birthday money to his church's nursery. Dave Ramsey is impressed with this kid, but thinks his parents should make sure he's thought about it clearly.
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    Dave Ramsey says: Affordable life insurance is available until around age 70

    Affordable life insurance is available at a reasonable price for a buyer until he or she is around 70. Then prices take a jump, Dave Ramsey says, making it an unwise investment.
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    Dave Ramsey says: Plan better, don’t rely on crowdfunding for real estate investment

    For someone without a lot cash on hand, that person might consider crowdfunding a good way to invest in real estate. Think again, Dave Ramsey says.