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Yabba dabba doo! ‘Flintstones’-themed Bedrock City is up for sale in Arizona

PHOENIX — It’s time to put on your caveman costumes, grab your clubs and head on down to Bedrock City, Arizona because the 30-acre property is on sale for $2 million.

The Huffington Post reports the “Flintstones”-themed attraction is complete with a theme park, gift shop and restaurant. It also has an enormous brontosaurus dinosaur slide and a mini-volcano called Mt. St. Wilma.

Bedrock City was founded in 1972 by Linda Speckels and her late husband, Francis in Williams, Arizona.

With Linda set on retiring and selling the prime real estate, potential buyers are expected to come from far and wide to nab this precious artifact.

Whether a potential buyer, avid “Flintstones” fan or just want an adventure, come down to Bedrock City yabba dabba soon.