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While heads roll, a FIFA-backed movie opens in the US

NEW YORK (AP) — The FIFA saga, already awash in alleged corruption, international intrigue and long-arm justice, can now add irony to its unwinding tale.

On Friday, just nine days after FIFA officials and executives were dramatically indicted for what the Department of Justice claimed was pervasive racketing and bribery in international soccer, a movie largely paid for by FIFA and trumpeting its glories is set to open in a handful of U.S. theaters and on video-on-demand.

“United Passions” is a $30-million production starring some big names, including Tim Roth as FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, who himself resigned Tuesday after winning re-election just last week. It’s a starry fiction that casts FIFA’s history and its leaders in a glowing light, just as hard reality is crashing down on an organization long viewed as a bastion of corruption.

The timing is largely a matter of luck or misfortune, depending how you look at it. “United Passion,” directed by French filmmaker Fr

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