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Valley ice business seeing more cold, hard cash

Ice could be a sign the local economy is warming up.

Ryan Massen, president of Phoenix-based Ice King, said he’s getting more orders from retail and construction companies, “Within the past 18 months we’ve created roughly 12 jobs.”

What started as a two-man operation about eight years ago has grown to nearly 20 employees.

Inside Ice King’s 20,000-square-foot facility, they produce 50 tons of ice daily, from big blocks to seven-pound bags available at convenience and grocery stores. Massen said they can make more than 1,000 pounds of ice every 15 minutes and he plans to double production by year’s end.

If you’re looking for the perfect temperature for a pool party, Ice King can deliver.

It usually takes a thousand pounds or more to cool a pool just a few degrees during summer. Although the effects last only a few hours, Ice King said it has had a handful of orders this summer.