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Tucson man accused of plowing SUV into Pinal patrol vehicle

A Tucson man was arrested earlier this week, accused of purposefully driving an SUV into a Pinal County sheriff’s patrol vehicle.

John Contreras, 31, was arrested in the early-morning hours Tuesday, after leading officers on a high-speed chase along southbound Highway 77.

He was charged with two counts of aggravated assault of a police officer, felony flight, resisting arrest,reckless driving, and two counts each of endangerment and criminal damage.

The chase began after Contreras turned off the vehicle’s lights and pulled up behind a patrol car. The deputy had already noticed the SUV, its driver “behaving erratically.”

Contreras gunned the engine and moved forward, forcing the deputy to move. The deputy pursued to make a traffic stop.

Contreras drove a few miles but was cornered when he turned into a driveway with a locked gate. He backed into the patrol car and until he was clear and continued his escape attempt. A second sheriff’s unit joined the pursuit.

Despite flat tires, Contreras confronted the deputy again, ramming the vehicle. He was ordered out of the SUV but initially refused to budge. Officers used a Taser on Contreras when he eventually made a run for it.