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Tower girder piece makes stop in Phoenix

PHOENIX — A piece of a girder from the World Trade Center was on display inside Sky Harbors Terminal 4 Tuesday on the 11th anniversary of Sept. 11.

The sight moved many passengers to tears. Tom Hollman of Detroit said it reminds him of how proud he is to be an American.

“I know that all of us know somebody that knows somebody who perished that day and it’s a sad day in our history,” Hollman added.

TSA agents brought out the display and invited passengers to take an extra moment to see it.

One by one passengers passed by the 110-pound beam, about the size of a boat anchor, along with small pieces of concrete also from the World Trade Center towers.

Many travelers bowed their heads, closed their eyes and took a moment to reflect on this day in 2001. Most stopped to touch the display, some took photos.

“I think so many grandparents lost their grandchildren, parents lost their children,” said Val Price, her voice breaking.

Lon Fountain of Dallas also had an emotional response, his eyes welling with tears.

“I didn’t know anybody who lost their lives that day but it moved everybody. I wasn’t alive during Pearl Harbor but this is the day to remember 9-11 as we do Pearl Harbor,” he said.

“It brings back some memories that I really don’t want to think about,” Fountain said. “[The display] really moved everybody.”

The girder will make be displayed at each terminal.