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Top 10 weirdest fair foods

The fair has always been known as a special place for family fun, unique dates and memorable concerts. But fairs are perhaps most defined by the strange cuisine they have created and branded: fair food.

With the Arizona State Fair scheduled to open Friday, there are likely to be plenty of fair foodies getting ready to enjoy everything fried or on a stick. There were more than 90 food vendors at the 2013 fair, so visitors can expect many variations on the classic food traditions.

The newest additions to this year’s fair fare are deep-fried salsa, deep-fried Twinkie dog, deep-fried coffee and a deep-fried Jack Daniels churro wrapped in bacon.

But Arizona’s state fair is not the only contender for the weirdest cuisine. Here are the top 10 strangest fair food concoctions from around the nation: