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Testimony in Kavanaugh hearing was must-see TV, ASU professors say

John Craft is an ASU professor and Cronkite Gallery curator who kept his television tuned to the Kavanaugh hearings on Thursday. (Daisy Finch/Cronkite News) “I’m not sure we teach as much about civics and the American process as we have in the past,” ASU Professor John Craft said. He emphasized the historical significance of the Kavanaugh hearings. (Photo by Daisy Finch/Cronkite News) “Unfortunately, those who really should be seeing this probably aren’t watching today. The ones who know the process are really probably part of the audience,” ASU Professor John Craft said, referring to Thursday’s coverage of the Kavanaugh hearings. (Photo by Daisy Finch/Cronkite News) Professor Wei Li moved to the United States in 1988 and became a citizen in 2000. She thinks the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings have a global impact. (Daisy Finch/Cronkite News) ASU Professor Wei Li watched the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill faceoff in 1991 when she was a student new to the U.S. Staying at home to watch the Kavanaugh hearing was a high priority for her. (Photo by Daisy Finch/Cronkite News)