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Sports-themed fast food restaurant opens at Westgate

GLENDALE, Ariz.– The newest Carl’s Jr. in the Valley has Glendale sports fans seeing stars.

The burger chain now has a sports-themed location near the homes of both the Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Coyotes.

“It has 11 flat screen TVs, and we’ve given it more of a sports look, more modern,” said Assistant Manager Imelda Ramirez.

While customers wait to order, they can check out a collage of pictures of current and past valley sports teams, including the 1976 Phoenix Suns team that lost to the Boston Celtics in the NBA finals.

It’s also easy to surf the net at the new Carl’s Jr. There is a bar that has electrical outlets at every seat.

“I really like that,” said Ramirez. “A lot of people are sitting there with their laptops. We have free Wi-Fi.”

Ramirez says that this Sunday will be the restaurant’s first test on how they handle the crowds during a Cardinals home game.

“We really want to have one of those days where we have a game on, just so we know how many people (on-duty employees) we need exactly,” Ramirez said. “But we’re ready. We want the guests to come, and we want the players to come and eat here.”

Carl’s Jr. is open 24 hours and is the first fast food restaurant in the Westgate City Center.