Sedona(Instagram Photo/@awayshesaid) No. 5 Sedona, Arizona (Facebook Photo) (Facebook Photo) (@lawfree) 12/31/14 - Sedona winter scene - A strong winter storm on New Year's Eve brought some much needed snow throughout the entire state, including the picturesque Sedona. 
 Oak Creek Canyon is top tourist attraction among the red rocks of Sedona.
(Flickr Photo) (Facebook Photo) (Facebook Photo) Sedona is one of the top 25 destinations to visit in the nationSedona, known for its red rock formations and picturesque sightseeing was recently ranked by Trip Advisor as the 13th best destination in the United States.Read the full story. No. 11: Sedona(Instagram Photo/@chirag5patel) No. 12: Sedona silhouettes(Instagram Photo/@ericbahlman) (Facebook Photo) (Photo: (Photo: (Photo: (Photo: (Photo: