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Phoenix response crews ready for monsoon

PHOENIX — The city of Phoenix is ready to respond to destructive monsoon with an assortment of equipment and rescue teams.

Police and fire rescue team have helicopters, boats, pumper trucks and other gadgets at their disposal.

The Valley could see its first monsoon rain by Monday if not sooner.

Last year brought record rainfall in New River, the Phoenix area of Laveen and other locations during what were called once in a 1,000-year storms.

Phoenix Fire Capt. Mark Vanacore said the department didn’t expect a repeat of that but a typical monsoon is dangerous enough.

“These storms happen every year. We know we’re going to get them. It’s inevitable. The severity and location is completely unpredictable,” he said.

Through all of the record rainfall and severe flooding last year no one died because of it. Vanacore said the department carried out numerous rescues.

“Sometimes people are in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s what we do and we had the best possible outcomes. These storms are dangerous and life threatening.”

Phoenix will use social media heavily to keep people in the loop on the monsoon.