OdySea Aquarium Gallery – Two new exhibits and Starbucks

One of the two new exhibits was installed inside the Aqua Lobby, pictured above. (OdySea Photo) The new Schooling Palometa exhibit shows over 600 fish that create "a display of synchronized movements," according to an OdySea announcement. (OdySea Photo) There is also an in-house Starbucks. (OdySea Photo) Humans and penguins alike are welcome to drink coffee. (OdySea Photo) Fun fact: Penguins can only taste salty and sour foods. On the bright side, that means more pumpkin spice lattes for the humans. (OdySea Photo) The OdySea Aquarium also unveiled the Reefs of the World Exhibit in celebration of its seventh anniversary. (OdySea Photo) Imagine a caffeinated seal. (OdySea Photo)