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Missile streaks across Valley skies

PHOENIX — Three New Mexico missiles created a spectacular predawn light show Thursday in the Valley.

Calls flooded the 92.3 KTAR Newsroom phone lines after the trail of fuel and smoke was lit up by the sunrise.

Drew Hamilton with the White Sands Base in New Mexico said a Juno missile was launched from Fort Wingate near Gallup toward White Sands and a pair of missiles brought it down.

“We were testing the Patriot Advanced Capability 3. The Juno was the target and they fired two Patriots from White Sands to successfully intercept it.”

Hamilton said the tests are infrequent.

Vandenburg Air Force Base, three hours north of Los Angeles, is also missile-testing Thursday, according to 2nd Lt. Kaylee Ausbun at that base.

An Atlas V is scheduled to launch 2:39 p.m. The missile may or may not be visible in the Valley.