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Kids enjoy Mighty Mud Mania

As a kid, getting dirty never got old.

Scottsdale Parks and Recreation geared up today and hosted hundreds of kids at Chapparral Park for “Mighty Mud Mania” and this is what the kids had to say about it.

“I liked all of the activities that we did in the mud,” said a girl.

“Yeah I like the mud, it’s really dirty,” said a boy.

“Really muddy,” another girl said.

“Mighty Mud Mania” began in the 1970s as the “Shout It Out Decathlon,” a promotional gimmick for Johnson’s Wax “Shout” Spray pre-wash.

The activity was held in Chaparral Park in Scottsdale and the Johnson’s Wax Company provided 300 white t-shirts for the participants. Johnson’s dropped the program because our Arizona mud was too tough for the pre-wash.

However, the City of Scottsdale felt the activity was so successful, that our Parks and Recreation Division incorporated the event into the summer recreation program.

Re-named “Mighty Mud Mania,” the activity has been held since then as the culminating activity of all the Scottsdale Parks and Recreation summer programs.